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Hikari Wheat-Germ Medium

Hikari Wheat-Germ Medium

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What is Hikari Wheat-Germ Formula fish food?
Hikari Wheat-Germ Formula is a highly digestible, high-fibre pond fish food for Koi and other pond fish. Available in small-large size sinking and floating pellets, this wheat-germ formula is an excellent choice for all pond fish as it offers a healthy balanced diet during the cooler months when their metabolism is slowing.

What are the benefits of using wheat-germ fish food?
Hikari wheat-germ pond food promotes improved health and fertility. It’s naturally high in vitamin E and linolenic acid, offering a boost in digestion. These added vitamins and minerals help support your fish’s immune system in the cooler months. This low-protein, high-fibre formula ensures your fish have everything they need to reserve energy when growth isn't essential.

When and how often should I feed my Koi or Goldfish wheat-germ fish food?
Although you can feed Hikari wheat germ food all year round, we recommend feeding wheatgerm when temperatures drop below 9 degrees and stop feeding at 5 degrees. The amount to feed depends on the temperature, number and size of the fish. You should review your water temperature regularly and adjust your feeding schedule accordingly.

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