How our Fish are listed


The Standard Grade fish are generally picked at random. The fish will be of a reasonable standard but they are not selected for type tested finnage definition or body shape. We aim to send out all our fish in good condition regardless of the grade of fish.



These fish are selected for finnage and body shape and amongst this grade of fish there is a greater potential for the fish to achieve a much better overall standard. You can expect fish with more potential and be more defined in terms of make up to the variety ordered. Even on the younger size fish the definition of characteristics will be better on this grade over the standard grade.



Unfortunately due to the high numbers of stock we hold, we are unable to offer individual photos of standard grade fish. However most of our Better Grade fish that are shown in the photo, is the fish you will receive, please feel free to request more pictures of a select fish if required.

As a fully licensed shop, we are open 7 days a week where all our fish are available to be viewed / purchased.