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Aqua One

Filter Air 20/25 Sponge Air Filter Replacement (2pk)

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  • Ideal for breeding tanks
  • Safe to use with baby fish of any size
  • Operated via an air pump (Sold Separately)
  • Filter has many options including adjustable height
  • Easy to assemble

The Aqua One Filter Air range is available in 4 different sizes to suit a range of aquariums. Quick and easy to setup up, the Filter Air range is ideally suited for breeding, quarantine or shrimp tanks.

These air driven filters easily attach to the side of the aquarium with the supplied suction cups and are powered by attaching an air line fed from an air pump (available separately) to the air inlet on the side of the filter. They come with either a single or dual foam filter depending on the model and have an adjustable uplift pipe to accommodate different aquarium heights.