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Black Moor Fancy Goldfish 4cm-6cm (Picked At Random)

Black Moor Fancy Goldfish 4cm-6cm (Picked At Random)

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As their name suggests, Black Moor Goldfish are typically black in colour. Most are solid black, but some have orange patches across their body.

Young fish start pale and gradually get darker as they mature.

Their eyes are the most noticeable part of their body. They gradually get bigger as they age and seem to ‘pop’ out of their head. The large lenses give them the alternative name of Telescope Goldfish.

Ironically their eyesight is poor, even with such large eyes.

Another distinctive feature is their round, egg-like body. This is a common trait of many fancy Goldfish varieties, but it makes them slow swimmers.

Black Moor Goldfish have some beautiful fins which are often the reason that people want this variety, along with the unique eyes. Their dorsal and pectoral fins are fairly large, but their anal and tail fins are longer and flowing.

Sexing individuals can be difficult, which might be a problem when trying to mate them. Males are slightly smaller but it’s hard to notice.

The easiest way to sex them is to wait until spawning season which is between April and August. During this time, males will have small white bumps known as breeding tubercles on their pectoral fins.

They can reach 6-8 inches in length, but they can grow larger if kept healthy.

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