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Betta Choice Pond Sinking Pellet 1700g Jar

Betta Choice Pond Sinking Pellet 1700g Jar

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A complete sinking pellet feed for Sturgeon, Sterlets and other species of bottom feeding fish. The nutritionally protein rich pellets are formulated with the highest quality ingredients which ensures the food is highly digestible and stimulates growth. Contains all the necessary fish proteins, oils, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements to keep your fish healthy and in excellent condition. Pellet size 4.5mm.

• Wheat feed flour, soya (dehulled extracted toasted), wheat, fish oil.
• Fish meal, wheat, poultry blood meal, poultry meal, soya protein concentrate, wheat gluten, lecithin, sunflower meal, yeast products, maize gluten, fish oil.

• EEC permitted preservatives and antioxidants.

Vitamins per kg:
• Vitamin A 10000iu, Vitamin C 550mg, Vitamin D 1890iu, Vitamin E 200mg.

Analytical Constituents:
• Crude Protein 46%, Crude Oils and Fats 15%, Crude Fibres 1.8%, Crude Ash 6.3%.

Feeding Guide:
• Feed your fish 2 or 3 times daily during the summer months when they are more active.
• It may be appropriate to feed your fish less food in the spring when they are not as active.
• During the autumn and winter months Sturgeon may still need feeding 2 or 3 times per week but this is dependent on the temperature.
• Feed as much food as your fish can consume in a few minutes and remove any uneaten food.
• It is also recommended if your pond contains other species of fish, you feed them first with their usual food to prevent them outcompeting your Sturgeon for the sinking pellets.
• Do not over feed your fish.

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