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Panda Moor 6-8cm Fancy Goldfish (Picked at Random)

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Beautiful Black and White Panda Moor.

The photos shown are of some our actual stock 

Obviously the Panda Moor belongs to the Moor family, has protruding eyes like its cousin the Black Moor and its available only in a black and white. It's one of the relatively new breeds of twin-tailed goldfish and not found in large numbers. Panda Moor has a rounded or egg-shaped body, enhanced by the large protruding eyes on the sides of its head.

Just like their cousins, the Panda Moor is designed for aquariums, even if it's considered to be quite a hardy goldfish. The Panda Moor is a wonderful, fun and friendly fish. They can reach about 4-8 inches in length and the average lifespan is 10-15 years if kept in well maintained goldfish aquariums.

Mixing Panda Moors along with Black Moor, Ryukin, Fantails, Oranda or Bubble Eye goldfish is the best option. They are slow swimmers, non-competitive at feeding and very friendly, making them the perfect tank mates.