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Jinchu Kai Baby Ranchu Fancy Goldfish

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The photos shown are taken from the actual stock we have.

The price is for 1 Jinchu Kai Baby Ranchu picked at random. 

Coldwater fish, would make a beautiful addition to your aquariums

These are approximately 6 weeks old are are feeding well on good quality flake food and crushed Tetra Goldfish Growth floating pellet. These are very strong little fish which when they change colour should be either Red. Red/White or plain white/silver. Ideal for people that like to watch the babies grow and see the changes as they get bigger. At the moment these are 1/2" to 3/4". Only have limited numbers of these.

The Ranchu is said to be the ‘King of Goldfish’ and is very popular in Japan. There are several variations of this variety and shapes change over time. The distinguishing features are the lack of a Dorsal fin, a short powerful Caudal fin and a head growth similar to that found in Orandas.   In recent times breeders have been developing Ranchu lines to be kept in aquariums and are thus known as ‘side-view’ Ranchu.