Koi 11-12” (Better Grade)
Koi 11-12” (Better Grade)
Koi 11-12” (Better Grade)

Koi 11-12” (Better Grade)

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Though they come in many shapes and sizes, you know a Koi fish when you see it! Their bodies generally grow quite large, many have long flowing fins, and most have colourful bodies. You can find varieties in black, white, yellow, orange, red, blue, and any combination of the above.

While they vary in size, most Koi measure about 1 or 2 ft. long. Some exceptional variations reach lengths of 3 or 4 ft. On average, large individuals weigh about 35 lbs.

Interesting Facts About the Koi

These fish are interesting just to look at! Learn what else makes these graceful creatures so unique, below.

  • Koi Pond – You often find these beautiful fish swimming gracefully together in Koi These ponds are popular across the globe, and you can find these fish swimming in them virtually worldwide for this reason.
  • Cold Climates – The Amur carp naturally lives in cold waters. This is why the domestic variation has such a hardy disposition. It thrives in outdoor ponds in even the coldest of regions.
  • Japanese Culture – The Japanese people view this fish as a symbol for love and affection.
  • Koi Goldfish – Humans developed these fish quite recently when compared to goldfish. Development of these fish began in the early 1800s, but people began breeding goldfish thousands of years ago!